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Get Involved 

At IvySky we know it takes all of us to change the mental health epidemic. Get Involved sponsor us, volunteer with us, or become an ambassador there are so many ways to get involved in the movement.  

What We Need

IvySky is a communtity built adn run nonprofit. Being founded on managed by teens has created many cahllenges. What we need support with most is mentorship funding and volunteers. 


We need mentorship becuase as teens tehir is still lots to leanra dn through mentors we devleope better ideas and programs and new ways of thinking. We have had many great indiduals step in to support us in the effort to devlope our resources. Without tehm we wouldn't have been able to launch.

We need funding as a nonprofit to stay afloat we rely heavily on donations and grants. If you have like our story please consider donating above or connecting us to resources like grants or strategic partners you belive may help.

Lastly we need volunteers our mission can't happen without them. Follwoing the links below if you belive you ahve something that can help us achive our mission reachout and apply. 

Become A Sponser 

As we grow we wish to grow with our community.  We are proud to be apart of such a great commutity. To keep this amazing support going please consider the oppurtuintity to be a sponser. 


We rely on donations inorder to keep our resources free. Please consider donatiing below to help us achive our goals of helping millions of teens and young adults across the world. 

Volunteer With US

As a nonprofit we know it takes all of us to achive our mssion of ending the mental health epidemic. If you have experince in any field please consider appyling to work with us as an intern or volunteer to help achive this tough goal.
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