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Our Projects

IvySky Mental Health App

The IvySky app is a one-of-a-kind mental health resource. Our app is designed to help everyone access the mental health support they need for free. The app's core features will include tools, resources, peer-to-peer support, and tips for free.


Social Media

At IvySky we know the mental health conversation has been highly stigmatized. IvySky's going to change this by launching a social campaign that uses new wording, tips, strategies, stories, and statistics to destigmatize mental health. Using our uniquely designed mental health campaigns, we will bring awareness to mental health and help each follower start their unique conversation.

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

Ambassador Network

The IvySky Ambassador program allows teens to help their friends and represent mental health. IvySky ambassadors will receive a significant amount of base-level mental health training to better handle and address mental health situations in the future. All Ambassadors will receive IvySky merchandise to wear around to represent our brand and bring focus to teen mental health. Ambassadors will receive volunteer hours and letters of recommendation, while also being invited to exclusive events and discussions.


GREENSKY Apparel is a teen-created apparel brand designed to help the world. All proceeds will go to causes like mental health at first. Down the line funds will also go to support a wide range of other programs from ocean cleanup to climate research.

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