Our Role in Recognition and Reform

The way to repair the crumbling mental health system is to build it back up from the foundation. We believe that teens can receive support through peer to peer mental health support. This form of therapy creates symbiotic relationships between peers, where both parties can support each other in a neutral environment. This way, no judgement is expressed, and the participant is comfortable with their surroundings while learning through each other's experiences. The creation of healthy coping mechanisms and a focus on recovery can help people to look at mental illness just as you would a physical injury. The recognition of mental illness’s prevalence in our society is the only way that reform can begin. The creation of programs like these are to help the underserved, the younger generation that is dealing with depression at exponentially higher rates as well as dealing with the stigma of this epidemic. Epidemic is the best word to describe the situation facing many of America’s youth, as 20% of teens struggle with mental health, and the majority of teens have witnessed the toll that depression, anxiety, exc. takes on their peers. Real solutions that are created specifically to rehabilitate youth are few and far between. IvySky is a group of teens who are dedicated to hearing directly from our peers, receiving input from mental health professionals, and creating a completely free app that provides care to those who are struggling. Mental health care should not be a privatized industry that profits off of the underserved. It should instead be accessible, free, and effective. This is the reform that is required, and this is the reform that we are prepared to achieve.

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