The College Process By Sarah Kaiser

For many seniors and juniors, college can cause stress like nothing else. Whether it be the idea of growing up so fast or the concern of getting into a school, the last two years of highschool feel overwhelming at times. However, a few tips might ease things up, making the school year feel less like a rollercoaster and more like a reasonable challenge.

Unfortunately, working hard is a strong habit to have in school despite the amount of time it takes away. Getting into a healthy work ethic can make things more organized, and taking some time off everyone once in a while can prevent burnouts. From personal experience, taking classes you’re actually interested in (if you can!) will motivate you to complete assignments, but there will always be unavoidable busy work.

The college process can be excruciating for many, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as people make it. Many people will choose schools for their names or status, but it's ultimately important that you choose a school that’s right for you. Not every student becomes successful if they attend an Ivy, and many transfer after realizing they don’t fit with the crowd. It’s important to prioritize the little things, such as interesting programs and campus life, that will really draw you to a college.

Lastly, growing up is never easy. Considering the time lost due to COVID, it’s difficult to accept how much time has passed. On the other hand, time doesn’t exactly stop, and thus moving forward is the only path available. Making the most of the rest of highschool is extremely important as it will provide you with memorable experiences to treasure for life.

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