When the 'Joke' Hurts By Sarah Kaiser

Wherever you go, you will always find people who ‘joke’ about serious topics. Though most of the time it isn’t funny, there is not much to do except educate that person to prevent it from recurring. Insensitive ‘jokes’ may not seem bad to some, but when it hits a soft spot for even one person, the joke is officially not ok.

One of the most common insensitive topics that are ‘joked’ about in this generation is body shaming. Some people simply can’t relate to the insecurity others feel about these comments, such as skinny-shaming or fat-shaming. With overwhelming social norms inciting so many eating disorders, many people feel particularly vulnerable to this type of ‘humor’. Not only is it never funny, but it should not even be considered humor, but somehow it has become normalized through ignorance.

There are many more subjects that are not humorous whatsoever, and it would take pages to list them. However, it is important to educate people when hearing an offensive comment, even if it means standing up to your peers. It may indeed feel scary, and though there is always the possibility they will disagree, it is vital to grasp the opportunity to educate. Ignorance is invasive and spreads if not interfered with, thus individual confrontation could truly break a larger picture. I hope everyone has more confidence after reading this!

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